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Hazuwa HazPay

A Digital Nomad Network with a globally scaleable wallet system that empowers financial lives. Join our Digital Nomad network to work remotely as a Certified Digital Nomad on remote IT Jobs and earn income into your wallet accounts for completed task assigned (T&C Applies). Digital nomads can easily make an income of $12,000 per year and live a nice, cushy lifestyle in countries of their choice using Digital Nomad Visa. There are a whole lot of exclusive beenefits and discounts on related services.

"HazPay is Safe, Secure and Trusted"

How does the HazPay Services Works?

Sign Up

The user chooses the Wallet Plan and clicks Create Account. The user enters the requested details in the form, submits the form, receives confirmation email and completes registration.


The user clicks on User Login and enters the username and password. On successful login, the Hazuwa HazPay Dashboard menu is displayed.

Home Page

On Hazuwa HazPay dashboard, the user is profiled either as an Digital Marketer (Products promotion) or Digital Nomad (Professional IT Remote Jobs).

Update Profile

The user can view their profile, add bank details and change password.

HazPay Pricing Plans

Secure Savings and Guaranteed startup Capital from the Hazuwa HazPay.